Amazing Mutts does take in Owner Surrenders.  We have been known to help with deployment statuses from the base, community issues and helping our local animal control.  We do not promote owner surrenders and will do everything in our power to make you reconsider.  

​**Currently AMPR is ONLY accepting surrenders that were Amazing Mutts.  No surrenders currently from outside of our adopters/rescue.

Surrendering a pet is not like exchanging  a pair shoes.  We don't easily accept surrenders without a meet, up to date medical and letters from trainers.  In other words, it's NOT an EASY WAY OUT.  You must meet certain qualifications to surrender. 

It is not an overnight process and you will be required to THINK about what you have decided.   We do not take in any AGGRESSIVE DOGS.  We are foster based and have families to think about. All incoming dogs MUST be dog friendly.  All current fosters have dogs and children.  We will not board a dog to bring it back into rescue.  If that is your choice, you may supply the fees to board the dog.  

We will point you into the proper direction, if you reconsider keeping your dog or pup.  We have trainers willing to help with behaviors, training sessions and of course TIME will be required by yourself and the family.

We WILL take in any Amazing Mutt, that has been adopted, under the same circumstances & again, we will ask you to be patient as we arrange the surrender.  It does take more than 24 hours sometimes even a week to a month depending on Foster Availability as we are not a facility.




2.  CURRENT Heart Worm/Tick borne screening - 4DX Test within the last 6 months.  Proof is required from the vet. THIS IS MANDATORY REGARDLESS OF AGE.

3,  All records from all vets seen during ownership. Please ask vets for SOAP NOTES for the pup or dog. All medicals can be faxed 888-342-2182 or emailed to  Invoices of visits ARE NOT what we need.  Please follow all instructions as stated.  Your vet will fax, email or mail records to us. WE NEED SOAP NOTES AND ALL CERTIFICATES

4.  IF DOG IS NOT SPAYED OR NEUTERED there is a fee of $200 for dogs/puppies under 11 months old, $250 for Adults over the age of 12 months, that must accompany the dog at time of surrender.  It will be asked to be paid either via our website as a donation, or in cash.  NO CHECKS will be accepted.  Fee will be waived for Puppies under 3 months of age. 

5.  If your dog is a current AMPR dog and HAS NOT BEEN VETTED and NOT UP TO DATE at time of Surrender you will be liable to bring the dog UP TO DATE for the Exam, Vaccines (DAPP & Bordetella), 4DX HW Test and if HW Positive the cost to treat the Heart Worms ($1200).  


SOMETIMES under certain Circumstances we will need BOTH.

The consult must certify the dog not aggressive in order for return, ANXIETY is NOT AGRESSION - DO NOT MISTAKE THE TWO. A letter  is required by the trainer and/or SOAP NOTES from the behaviorist that this dog is NOT aggressive, so that we may accurately place the pup in the correct foster home and provide the letter to the new adopters going forward, 

We will advise you if you haven't spoken to a trainer, to do so.  We have a trainer who may be able to do a consult at your cost if needed. 

Please call Bolt Canine Training - 757-927-0352 for consultations.  Consults for Return are $60 and paid by you at time of consult.

​7. PATIENCE is a wonderful thing as we arrange for MEDICAL's.  Openings in Foster Homes takes time and in the meantime, we will ask you for Current Pictures for the dog to start actively looking for a foster or a new family.  Please do as we ask as soon as possible to expedite your surrender. If you are able to bring the dog/pup to adoption events please do....the sooner the dog is seen, the better the chances of re-homing.

8.  At time of surrendering you will be asked to complete a surrender form.  This form will need your DL license, Name and Signature.  This form will relieve you of ownership of the dog being surrendered.  Once surrendered you will have no claims to the dog & becomes property of Amazing Mutts.

9.  **currently AMPR is ONLY accepting surrenders that were Amazing Mutts.  No surrenders currently from outside of our adopters/rescue. If your dog is an AMPR he/she MUST BE RETURNED TO RESCUE.  If the dog is not returned to rescue and rehomed or sent to Shelter you will be brought up o Charges and fine will be imposed up to $2500 plus court costs.